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Durable Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses - Prescription Glasses

Get fitted with the perfect contact lenses and prescription glasses at Chippewa Eye Centre, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. Our impressive selection of contacts, glasses, and eyewear accessories provide you with the products you need to get the clear vision you deserve.

Painless Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide patients with flexibility. Contrary to popular myths, most people are eligible for contact lenses, especially with the soft toric lenses (for astigmatism), disposable lenses, bifocal contact lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses. If you have been told you could not wear contact lenses, ask again! We have an amazing selection of contact lenses... with options that are certain to suit your needs.

Essential Eyewear

Quality eyewear is hard to find. That is why we allow only professional, experienced labs to create the lenses upon which you are going to depend for your daily vision. We offer a wide range of frames in a variety including high-fashion designer styles. To meet your specific needs, we provide several different types of lenses, including transitions and progressive.

Wide Selection of Sunglasses

In addition to our eyeglasses, we also offer a large selection including fashionable sunglasses. They are important in helping in protecting your eyes from the UV rays from the sun.

Eye Supplements

Keep your eyes healthy with our restorative eye supplements. We offer Eye Promise Restore made by Zeavision, which helps fight macular degeneration and EZ Tears, a supplement for patients who suffer from dry eyes. Order Your Eye Promise

Free Adjustments

At Chippewa Eye Centre, Inc., your satisfaction is our primary concern. We are happy to accomodate people who want outside prescriptions filled. Additionally, all eyewear purchased at our office is adjusted free of charge.

Contact us for durable prescription glasses and soft contact lenses.