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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

For full-scope eye examinations choose Chippewa Eye Centre in St. Louis, Missouri. Our licensed doctors, Dr. Michael Bernier and Dr. Jeffrey Jacob, perform the most comprehensive examinations available to help ensure a lifetime of quality vision for every patient.

Thorough & Complete Examination

Your examination will likely be the most thorough examination you have ever had. An eye examination is an assessment of your vision and can give clues to your overall health. That is why it is imperative that you treat your choice of doctor with the respect it deserves.

Testing His Eyes - Eye Examinations

At Chippewa, we realize the importance of  your examination. Not only do we assess your eye health, we also obtain information pertaining to your general health. All examinations include a thorough case history, glaucoma test, screening for cataracts, internal health assessment, binocular testing, and a prescription (change) if necessary. Dilation of the eyes and visual field testing is performed regularly. Other aspects of your vision are also assessed, including conditions such as: amblyopia(lazy eye), stereopsis testing(depth perception), eye muscle balance, and visual fields(retinal sensitivity).

Sharing Our Recommendations with You

Once your doctor is completed with your examination, he summarizes the results and makes his recommendations to you. As professional eye doctors, we strive to be proactive in the education, recommendations, management, and treatment of each patient in order to fully maximize your visual potential.

Contact us for comprehensive eye examinations from licensed eye doctors you can trust.