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Ensure a lifetime of quality vision by choosing our experienced optometrists for your eye care needs. Our licensed eye doctors perform thorough eye examinations that consider not only your vision but your general health as well.


Shop our impressive selection of the trendiest prescription glasses to find the perfect pair that works for you. We also offer fittings for contact lenses that ensure you get a pair that allow you to realize your visual potential.


If you are thinking about getting LASIK surgery to correct your vision, we recommend consulting with one of our licensed eye doctors first. At Chippewa Eye Centre, we help you determine if LASIK is a good fit for you.

Member of the St. Louis Optometric Society

ABO-Certified Technicians

Our Story

For a licensed eye doctor that provides comprehensive eye care, choose Chippewa Eye Centre in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer a variety of services, including family eye care, full-scope eye examinations, contact lens fitting, and treatment for medical conditions, such as glaucoma and dry eyes. We also provide an impressive selection of eye products, ranging from prescription glasses to eye supplements.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have developed a strong reputation for providing excellence in all facets of our patients’ experiences. As your local eye care office, we treat every patient like a family member in order to build a positive relationship that will warrant future referrals of other family members and friends.

Serving Customers in a 25-Mile Radius of St. Louis, including St. Louis and St. Charles Counties

Contact us for an eye doctor that performs thorough examinations that meet your every need.

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